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Our team consists of experienced professionals in the IT field and business software development. The DSI team is focused on the product and solution creation, following the modern business requirements, latest technology trends and worldwide innovations.

Innovative & Creativeness

The company’s products’ main aim is to not just solve a particular issue but to offer a business changing solution. We seek new professional challenges and innovative solutions in order to prosper and offer higher quality products at a competitive price to our customers.


Our team’s professional qualification is of utmost importance for the future and implementation of our projects. Our team is made of established professionals with years of experience in the IT field, project design and software development solutions. By planning each step of a software solution creation, we are able to guarantee a fully functioning end product with proven high quality.


As here in DSI we think of the future, we aim to create an affordable technology that is easy to use from the end consumers. Our software solutions offer an easy to use and user friendly interface, combined with an intuitive design. This unique combination allows an affordable end user product, regardless of the complexity of the completed tasks and the information processed.


Focused entirely on the IT technologies’ field and innovations, our main purpose has always been on the full software solutions development. In addition, our products follow the latest technologies trends and offer optimum customer satisfaction. As a company, we aim to make the technologies available and easy to use for any customer.


The process analysis plays a critical role in the successful product creation. From vital importance is the professional task creation based on the client’s current and ongoing needs and issues they have faced and are seeking a solution for. The full evaluation of the used solutions so far, as well as a detailed plan creation for results improvement via software innovations, are the key to every successful customized software development solution.


The development and implementation of software products according to the customer’s requirements could be a challenging task. As a company, we understand that and we know that most important is how the project is being led. That is why, our team covers the whole process on specialized software solution or product implementation – from the idea and the task itself, till the full completion and reach of the set goals and client requirements satisfaction.


The successful software product life cycle does not end with its release on the market or with the positive customers’ reviews. For one product to be truly successful, it needs to have a quality after sale support and a team of developers to continue its progress and functionality enrichment. Our team offers after sales service and support of existing software systems, and guarantees the optimal satisfaction for any current and future clients.


In its product portfolio, DSI has a number of successful projects and software products released on the market. The information below will introduce you to our developed solutions, offered on the Bulgarian and International software market.


September 1, 2016  /  By admin

aControl is a module software system for access control, work schedules creation and following, payment management and regulation for work with predefined standards. The product supports work with hardware devices from various manufacturers. It is compatible for small companies with a single in/out point, as well as for big manufacturing organizations with hundreds of in/out points for access control.

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September 1, 2016  /  By admin

Our Auditing Solutions are created to assist in the quick and easy inspection (audits) creation. The systems consist of Web version and mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. What makes it a powerful tool for analysis and auditing, is the functional administrative module, the real time data updates, combined with the interactive Dashboard for graphic information visualization.

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September 1, 2016  /  By admin

IoT (Internet of Things) is gaining popularity and is becoming an essential part of our everyday lives. proSmart is a platform, allowing Smart management of different electric devices and appliances, heating and cooling systems, lighting and more, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. proSmart’s affordable price and universality, makes the platform a main solution for all users looking for ease of use, combined with value for money.

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DSI is a company focused on the development and support of personal software solutions for external companies. Our main concern and goal is to support and develop further the created systems so they could meet the ever evolving needs of our customers.

Development of online platforms and services

September 1, 2016  /  By admin

DSI offers services on the development of online platforms that sum up the information of different software applications and create a real time connection between them. The company has a lot of experience on e-commerce implementation with exchange of data between the different suppliers, their warehouse supplies, and their automatic transfer and visualization in the different e-shops.

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Desktop application developement

September 1, 2016  /  By admin

The realization of individual software solutions on specialized tasks could often be the only alternative for specific business processes’ automation. The company has years of experience on these types of solutions, thus offers a comprehensive support to its clients during the development steps, including task creation, development, technical documentation, implementation and further support.

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Mobile application developement

September 1, 2016  /  By admin

DSI works on the mobile solutions development field and provides a complete process on the mobile software implementation to its clients. Our team develops products for Android, iOS and Windows Phone that could be downloaded respectively from Google Play, iTunes and Windows Store. As we realize the importance of the mobility for every business, we implement every task according to the client’s specific requirements.

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The company’s work takes two directions – development and distribution of own products, as well as development and implementation of individual software solutions for the Bulgarian and International companies. The rich product and client portfolio shows the capabilities of our team.

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We are a high-tech company with a wide client portfolio. We cover small, medium-sized and big companies, localized in Bulgaria and Europe. Hundreds of companies had already trusted us and are using our software solutions on a daily basis.


If you have an idea and are looking for a partner to realize it with, please get in touch with us to discuss the opportunities. The automation and optimization of the business processes had never been this easy.

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