aControl, version 1.2.104

Complete control system

aControl is a module software system for access control, work schedules creation and following, payment management and regulation for work with predefined standards. The product supports work with hardware devices from various manufacturers. It is compatible for small companies with a single in/out point, as well as for big manufacturing organizations with hundreds of in/out points for access control.

The application monitors all control processes and the work process organization in the enterprises. Using its different modules, aControl monitors the access rights of each employee, providing information on their attendance time and the actual hours they have spent on their workplace. The system is flexible and covers work on shifts and provides the opportunity to create group and individual schedules. The gathered data from the schedules and the actual recorded events turns aControl into a powerful tool for planning and enterprises’ work processes analysis.

The ‘Payment’ module provides a chance to plan and record the personal labour and the production in the enterprises working with predefined standards.  The system makes calculations based on the predefined ratios, and the employees receive detailed information regarding the work completed to date in real time. This functionality makes aControl a preferred solution in processing and sewing enterprises.

Access control module

  • Access rights, predefined for every user
  • ‘Spectator’ function – information for all events in real time
  • Timely recording of the actions from any of the systems’ control points
  • Automatic register access control of the work time for all employees in an enterprise
  • Defining of every in/out point
  • Constant information for the active readers at the time
  • Automatic monitoring of Saturdays and Sundays
  • Opportunity for adding of all national holiday days according to the annual calendar
  • Setting of working time calculation algorithm

‘Working time’ module

  • Possibility to set an algorithm for working time calculation
  • Thanks to that set algorithm, the software is able to automatically set entrance/exit if such is missing
  • Possibility to set Penalty time for lack of events

Departments’ definition

  • Set a different working time for each of the departments
  • Set the employees’ switch when working in shifts
  • Quick, easy and convenient department creation, adding, editing and removal
  • Possibility to set access rights based on a department or an employee
  • Possibility for employee’s department change
  • Possibility for setting of the type of employee absence and its period

Working schedule

  • Schedule is set for a specific time period
  • Individual schedule for each shift
  • Information on: the number of hours and working days, employees, as well as for the duration of the shift
  • Possibility to create an individual schedule for each employee in a particular department
  • Form 76

‘Payment’ module

  • Each work operation/manipulation is input in the system with a unique code
  • A working standard is set for each of the manipulations
  • Set the payment value for each Working standard
  • Calculation of the Standard time based on the Working standard and the planned working time
  • Set a constructed rate for each operation
  • Possibility to set a ‘Measure’ – number of details that would be released with a single swipe

Wage calculation ratios

COP – Coefficient of performance – defines the performance range in percentages

  • AC – Attendance coefficient
  • FS Factor substitution
  • QR – Quality regulations
  • LS – Loss coefficient
  • QC – Qualification coefficient – part of the personal information of every employee

Monitor function

  • Visualizes the spent in a given shift/department in real time on monitors, placed throughout the premise
  • Attended working time of each employee starts with their entrance on the premises, right after they swipe their personal chip/card
  • Upon the start of the actual manufacturing process, the employees swipe their chip/card once again in a card reader, placed right next to their working place. Their actual working day starts then.
  • The employee’s name appears on the screen, where the actual working time is recorded in a number of details and in the local currency
  • During the working time, the name of the best performing employee is visualized first

Manager function

  • Function to which only workers on a leading position have access to – Shift leader, Team Leader, Managers, etc.
  • Visualizes all employees in a particular shift, their earnings, faulty units, etc.
  • Possibilities for LSand FSedit
  • Upon approval, the document is sent for calculation to the Department of Labour and Industry Wages