proSmart BBoil is an affordable solution for the home, building and industrial automation.

The product:

  • BBoilis a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat controller. The device consists of an Internet connected relay module with a weekly schedule, which could be programmed and then controlled via an Internet connected computer or a mobile device.
  • BBoil is a product that allows fast automation of every electric device, regardless of its manufacturer or model.
  • The technology set in BBoilallows it to connect with any wireless Internet, without the need of any additional settings.
  • BBoil is a complex system with which you not only turn on and off your devices remotely, but manage and adjust a number of devices in your home, office, house or villa.
  • BBoil allows the users to receive real time information for all connected devices – their work and current status.
  • Creation of whole schedules and set customer logic in the creation of a weekly or monthly schedule.
  • Possibility to create set scenarios beforehand – ‘Vacation’, ‘Work week’, ‘I’ll be home late’, etc.
  • Complex adaptable control algorithms

Why choose BBoil:

  • Saves you money from your electricity bill
  • Optimizes the use of every connected electrical device or appliance
  • Complete integrated control system
  • Easy to use and user friendly software interface
  • Mobile application compatible for all Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems

BBoil could be used for:

  • Control of electric water heaters
  • Control of gas boilers, pellet and solid fuel boilers
  • Control of solar systems
  • Control of irrigation systems
  • Control of indoors and outdoors lighting
  • Control of different types of electric devices