Desktop application developement

The special tasks’ individual software solutions’ realization could often be the only option for the specific business processes’ automation. The company has extensive experience on such solutions’ development, offering full support to its customers during every stage of the task creation, development, technical documentation, implementation and support.

Why investing in a custom developed solution

  • Automation of a specific manufacturing or business process
  • Finding an individual solution, which is not available in any mass software solution
  • To keep the Technical and commercial know how inhouse

Development stages

  • Process analysis
  • Detailed technical description
  • Design creation according to the needs of the application
  • Development
  • Company implementation
  • Real condition testing

What you get

  • Installation and distribution ready software application you can implement in your company and/or partnership network
  • Application developed in compliance with your specific business processes
  • Complete product with the constant opportunity of further development
  • Possibility for integration with existing software solutions