Auditing system

The product is created to assist in the quick and easy inspection (audits) creation. The system consists of Web version and mobile app. The application monitors the completion process according to the client’s requirements, while providing information on whether the tasks have been completed to meet the set target

The system is flexible and allows easy auditing according to the needs of the particular client. The mobile app allows the audits to be created in real time, and as such the information is sent to the server at the time of arrival.

Opportunities and functionalities:

  • Possibility to record the auditor’s name and signature, as well as the date and time of audit completion, its score and any additional comments
  • Possibility to take photos and attach them in real time during audit completion
  • Functionality to receive the complete audit on chosen written email
  • Real time information access to the location of the audit, as well as any specific required documents
  • Possibility to add a comment for every question, as well as assigning specific remedial actions for below specification scores for any question
  • Possibility to have different types of questions and scoring scales for and within different client locations
  • Every question might have different scoring scales’ weightings depending on the client’s requirements
  • Custom text fields for writing of chosen type of information
  • Drop down menus with previously set information from the client
  • Scoring scale chart above the questions to explain the meaning behind every score given
  • Comments box underneath every question or at the end of the audit

Main advantages:

  • Highly intuitive and simplified user interface
  • Compatible for all type of mobile devices and has no specialized hardware requirements
  • Access made easy via Internet any place and at any time
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile operating systems
  • Different levels of access on hierarchical principle
  • Works in real time
  • High level of data security – transfer information encryption
  • The data transfer follows a specially developed communication module and data transfer
  • Faster and easier inspections – full replacement of checking lists and paper audits
  • No data loss

Product’s usage benefits:

  • The completed audits are available and could be viewed at any time
  • Interactive and multifunctional module for reports
  • Possibility to add an unlimited number of clients, audits and users
  • Offline working mode – need of Internet connectivity only for the initial loading and saving of the audit
  • QR code scanning – functionality to scan QR codes for different purposes and view real time results in a graph format for each item and each hour scanned
  • Customer satisfaction surveys – functionality for scanning a QR code. The action loads a short survey to complete, measuring the levels of customer satisfaction. Results could be viewed in real time